Over the next weeks we will follow the mayor’s visits to the places and people behind the #GetTheMayor posts. Our blog will keep you updated on which locations he has already visited, which locations he will visit next and what happened to the places after the mayor visited them. So plenty of reasons to check-in regularly. Enjoy!

Kindergarten future

The project “Save the kindergarten future of Heidelberg`s Südstadt” has received 121 votes in the 31th round of voting at #GetTheMayor. The initiative wants to invite the mayor to talk about the future of their kindergarten in the Südstadt. The…

Food connects people

Check the video and see what the initiative “Food connects people” and Mayor Eckart Würzner talked about. …


Our cities need more bees! Therefore, Mayor Eckart Würzner donated a beehive to the beekeepers Heidelberg. Up to 60,000 bees live in a beehive and they can produce up to 60 kilograms of honey per year. We also got to see the inside of a hive – very…

Food connects people

The project “Food connects people” has received 102 votes in the 30th round of voting at #GetTheMayor. The initiative wants to invite the mayor to cook a meal and talk about integration. Information about the project: Food connects people. We will…