#GetTheMayor takes a break


Since its launch on January 12th, 62 suggestions were submitted – 2686 users have registered and submitted together 4950 votes. 23 winners have been announced and until the end of November 16 #GetTheMayor-appointments have taken place. A total of 28 suggestions were answered within the city administration. More suggestions are currently scanned by the responsible employees.

#GetTheMayor has achieved a great deal so far and we are proud of the many dedicated citizens who have supported #GetTheMayor and helped shape the future of Heidelberg.

The great commitment of the citizens of Heidelberg can also be seen in the enormous willingness to help refugees. In view of the current stream of refugees the City of Heidelberg set priorities. Tasks within the city council will be bonded and the inter-office integration is increasing. Therefore other projects like #GetTheMayor have to be postponed.

This is the reason why #GetTheMayor will have a break now but we’re planning to announce the winners in spring 2016.

We thank all initiators and supporters! We look forward to the joint year 2016!

Posted by Heidelberg