671Ein PUMPTRACK für die IGH

The IGH would like to offer its nearly 1650 pupils as many opportunities as possible to actively organise their breaks, their working hours and their free time after school. A step towards a “moving school” would be a so-called pump track. Asphalted, it offers children the opportunity to ride their bicycles, inliners, boards or scooters. The swing on the pump track is achieved by pumping movements of the arms and legs. On the one hand, this is a great pleasure, on the other hand it is a coordinative and conditional task. A whole body workout takes place in a playful way. And everyone knows how important the balance between cognitive performance and physical exercise is. Therefore a pump track would be an enrichment for the IGH and for the district Heidelberg-Rohrbach. The highly frequented Pumptrack in Sandhausen (photo) proves that such a concept works perfectly for children. We would like to invite Mayor Dr. Eckart Würzner to our school and present our idea to him. Thank you for your votes.

Harry L.
Posted by Harry L.
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