A Cannabis Social Club for Heidelberg

360Ein Cannabis Social Club für Heidelberg

We, the Hemp Association Rhein-Neckar want to invite mayor Würzner, to meet in the Shop for culture and politics (Kaiserstr. 61 in 69115 Heidelberg) and discuss the idea of the necessi-ty of a cannabis social club in Heidelberg.
We want to discuss the question if a cannabis social club under survey of the city of Heidel-berg is of public interest and if Heidelberg should follow the approach of other cities (Berlin-Xhain, Frankfurt and others) and ask for an exception, referred to § 3 (2) BtmG, for a pilot project “cannabis social club”.
Thank you for your involvement and vote!
We also want to thank the “GetTheMayor”-Team and of course Mr. Würzner himself, for his willingness to operate as man of the people.
Roland Hoffmann and Christoph Lehner, Hemp Association Rhein-Neckar

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