Bureaucracy adé!

680Ein Gespräch zu Alternativen für Bürokratie in Heidelberg und der Welt

The Office for Insolvable Tasks has set itself the task of rethinking bureaucracy, creatively questioning bureaucracy and designing a new image campaign for governments and administrations. We looked nationwide for examples of alternatives to traditional bureaucratic structures and found them in Heidelberg, among other places: A lot is going very well here, but we especially like this platform. “holdenoberbuergermeister.de” is a great example of how you can offer citizens playfully and low-threshold the possibilities to get into conversation with the mayor. So what could be more obvious than to try to get a conversation with the Mayor by this means? We would like to talk to him about his experiences with “holdenoberbuermeister.de”, tell him about how we have perceived the bureaucracy in Heidelberg and find out whether there could be further alternatives to existing routines in Heidelberg.

Matthias B.
Posted by Matthias B.
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