Food connects people

699Essen, das verbindet

The challenges posed by the wave of flight in recent years have not all yet been solved. The city of Heidelberg also needs innovative ideas that lead to the long-term and sustainable integration of refugees into our society.
The Sindbad project would like to make a small contribution to ensuring that this can succeed in the future. The Sindbad team wants to make this possible through various cooking events and the possibility of getting to know each other. Many people who have come to us in recent years have brought not only their own history, but also a unique cuisine from their home country. By allowing the fugitives and local people to get to know each other during a cooking evening together, it becomes possible for prejudices to be overcome and cultural exchange to take place. The Sindbad team, which has already won over 4 chefs from the Arab region, is already preparing its fantastic oriental cuisine in the region.

Of course, it would be important for as many people as possible from the Heidelberg area to find out about our idea and be inspired by it. Therefore we would like to invite the mayor to a culinary meeting with us and to talk with us about the chances of a successful integration. We are sure that we gained another fan afterwards. Because one thing is clear – food connects people.

Vincent H.
Posted by Vincent H.
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