Promoting social-emotional intelligence & social – emotional competences Anna-Wolf-Institute e.V. Heidelberg

648Förderung sozial-emotionaler Intelligenz & sozial-emotionaler KompetenzenAnna-Wolf-Institut e.V. Heidelberg

“What´s the use of high intelligence, if you are emotionally incapable?”
Daniel Goleman uses this provocative phrase to describe the relevance and significance of social-emotional intelligence.
Social-emotional intelligence means the knowledge and understanding of own emotions and the emotion of others as well as a mindful handling with one´s own emotions.
This means that a person is able to recognize and reenact its own emotions in a particular situation as well as those of others, that share the situation with him or her.
Social-emotional competence does not only enable a person to understand its own emotions as well as those of others, but also enables the person to react appropriate, sensitive and mindful to these emotions.
We want to invite the mayor to talk about the meaning of social-emotional competence in the everyday life of Heidelberg.

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