Kids for school

664Kinder für Schule

Our great school “FreieSchuleLernZeitRäume” (FSLZR) has to move out of the old building, but cannot move into the new building in Heidelberg due to enormous water damage. Thus, over 100 children and more than 30 teachers would lose their schools and jobs. We as students as well as our parents and teachers are working on a solution for a new school building and are very grateful for any help.

The school is not only important for students, parents and teachers but also of international importance. We are often visited by teachers and professors who come all the way from Asia to visit our school, because for them our school is an inspiration and an example. Our school stands for: Community, social responsibility and independent learning and we give everything to keep it that way!

Dear Mayor Würzner, we would like to introduce our school concept to you and talk about the problem of space.

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