The way to a mayor's heart is through his stomach

363Liebe geht durch den Magen

We want to cordially invite Mayor Dr. Würzner to join our vegan brunch in the “Leitstelle” within the Dezernat 16 to tell him about us and our projects.
Not only is a vegan diet very delicious – first and foremost it is climate-friendly!
“Vegan in Heidelberg” is a growing group of people, that have decided to promote the idea of a vegan lifestyle within the society.
We are the initiators of the vegan round table in Heidelberg, we approve vegan-friendly and regional gastronomies with our “vegan-friendly seal” and we are campaigning for animal rights.
With our project “climate-friendly catering for groups” and the “round table for sustainable eating”, we want to help pioneering for Heidelberg to become a climate-neutral city.
Please come join our brunch, if you are interested in what we are doing.
Thank you for voting for us!

Alexander F.
Posted by Alexander F.
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