Save the riding club Jugendhof Heidelberg e.V.

692Rettet den Reitverein Jugendhof Heidelberg e.V.

Due to the termination of the lease as of 31.12.2017, the existence of the riding club Jugendhof Heidelberg e.V. is threatened!
80 % of our members are children and young people who organise stable and club life largely on their own responsibility and through immense personal commitment. Also the integration of handicapped young people is not only promoted by us but also lived! Disabled children participate fully integrated in our riding lessons, club life and youth meetings, which clearly sets us apart from other riding stables. We are not a tournament stable, but a place where children and young people with social problems feel at home. Also of great importance for us is the species-appropriate keeping of the animals. This unique retreat for children and young people must be maintained under all circumstances. Support us, so that the mayor can get a picture of it and stand up for us!

Irene F.
Posted by Irene F.
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