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297Go Green | Heidelberg

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The plastic consumption and plastic production take decades , both accept unimaginable proportions. On the one hand due to plastic our lives , especially by facilitating us a lot of help with everyday life. On the other hand, the enormous mass of plastic on the ground one of the major environmental threats . Not only we humans themselves can be damaged by the ingestion of hormone-like substances in our development , especially the oceans and its inhabitants have with the amount of plastic to fight. Even now drives a plastic island as big as Central Europe with a weight of 3 million tonnes in the Pacific.

I would like to invite you and all interested citizens to discuss together about the positive and negative consequences that could learn Heidelberg, when it would be plastic bag free !

Heidelberg could follow the examples of Italy and India as a model project in addition to many other German cities ! GO GREEN !

Nils O.
Posted by Nils O.
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