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455Whisper Foundation – Generationen lernen miteinander, voneinander und übereinander

The Whisper Foundation is creating spaces and occasions for all age groups, to learn togeth-er, from one another and about each other.The aim is to reach affiliation, appreciation and personal growth for everyone involved – at eye level.
We bring people in dialogue, in discussion and reflection of life situations from different per-spectives. This leads to understanding and empathy, while prejudices and ignorance are being reduced.The Whisper Foundation was founded in Heidelberg in 2013 as a nonprofit organiza-tion and can now start with the first public events.
To realize our program and our first big generation project, we need to come in a close dia-logue and collaboration with the city administration. But most of all, we need the mayor´s at-tention.
Please support us!
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Jamileh Suleiman

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