Two crosswalks on Rheinstrasse and Turnerstrasse

536Zwei Zebrastreifen über Rheinstraße und Turnerstraße

Marked in red and blue: when visiting, the following route is suggested:
Get off at the tram stop Rheinstrasse, cross the Rohrbacher Straße at an unsecured spot, cross it again at a traffic light, walk along the Rheinstrasse and cross the Turnerstrasse at another unsecured spot.
Marked in black (diagonal): almost all of the students walk along the same side of the Rhein-strasse, where they dropped of the tram, coming from the Bismarckplatz. Then they cross both the Rheinstrasse and Turnerstrasse at the same time.
Not all cars are stopping.
Marked in green (L-shaped): the installment of two additional crosswalks would make sense. One of them traversal Rheinstrasse, a second one traversal Turnerstrasse.
Ideally not next to the exisiting crosswalk on Turnerstrasse, for the diagonal walking (J-Walking) will start again sooner or later. It should lead from the tram stop Rheinstrasse to the restaurant.

Kerstin L.
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