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Posted by Harry L.
baden-badener str. 14, heidelberg,
184 votes

Kids for school

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Posted by Anonymous
Slevogtstraße 4, Heidelberg,
254 votes

Education for the deaf

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Posted by Bogumiła K.
Heidelberg Eppelheimerstraße,
33 votes

Save Florian Steiner

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Posted by Anonymous
Lutherstraße 28,69120 Heidelberg,
3 votes

Payable daycare spots

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Posted by Conny E.
Kirschgartenstrasse, 69126 Heidelberg,
14 votes

A working space for the Eichendorffschule Rohrbach

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Posted by Alexander F.
Heidelberger Straße 61, 69126 Heidelberg,
224 votes

Weltliga – soccer for integration

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Posted by Anonymous
Pleikartsförster Straße 130, 69124 Heidelberg,
50 votes

A healthy diet in the workplace

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Posted by Gabriel B.
Rottmannstraße 2-4, 69121 Heidelberg,
76 votes


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Posted by Jenny T.
Marktplatz 10, 69117 Heidelberg,
141 votes

Bicycle tour through the Plöck

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Posted by Simon F.
Plöck 40, 69117 Heidelberg,
9 votes

Development and traffic situation at the Marktplatz in Neuenheim

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Posted by Frieder R.
Ladenburger Str. 16, 69120 Heidelberg,
70 votes

Interview with the radio station SWR 3

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Posted by Marcus B.
Marktplatz 10, 69117 Heidelberg,
9 votes

Calisthenics Park on the riverbank (Neckarwiese)

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Posted by Janosh R.
Uferstraße 17, 69120 Heidelberg,
14 votes

Child care center in the Neckarhelle

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Posted by Ute A.
In der Neckarhelle 72, 68118 Heidelberg,
21 votes

Pedestrian Light at the Friedrichsfelderstrasse/Grenzhöfer Weg

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Posted by Silke h.
Grenzhöfer Weg 16, 69123 Heidelberg,
16 votes

Traffic light circuit Rohrbacher Strasse/Rheinstrasse

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Posted by Kerstin L.
Rohrbacher Straße/Rheinstraße, 69115 Heidelberg,
2 votes

Two crosswalks on Rheinstrasse and Turnerstrasse

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Posted by Kerstin L.
Turnerstraße/Rheinstraße, 69126 Heidelberg,
1 vote

Living and learning for students – collegium academicum

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Posted by Collegium A.
Kirchheimer Weg 4, 69124 Heidelberg,
54 votes

A known slide for back injuries

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Posted by Ece S.
Schloßberg 1, 69117 Heidelberg,
28 votes

New premises for the daycare „Heuhüpfer“ in the old town

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Posted by Kathleen S.
Heiliggeiststrasse 17, 69117 Heidelberg,
8 votes

Support an eco-friendly and social mobility: hitchhiking!

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Posted by Milena A.
6 votes

Circus tent/Academy tent

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Posted by Bernhard F.
HebelHalle/Künstlerhaus UnterwegsTheater, 69115 Heidelberg,
25 votes